Customer Appreciation: Project Round-Up

Sometimes I like to float about the internetz checking out what people are making with my fabric. Here are three fun things I spotted late last night when I really should have been brushing my teeth and heading to bed.

I have my priorities.


Check it!

I mean really, excuse me, but how outrageously CUTE is this!?!?

What a wonderful way to use my Writing fabric. I love how fan-folding this particular fabric makes the bow tie look paper-like. Score one for All Things Clever!

Head over to Toma’s Tutus & Things to see more cool creations like this cursive cuteness.


Hello, most awesome geekiest wallet! This will go smashingly with my pocket protector! You heard me right. 

Linda, from Linda’s Creative World, calculated everything just right and took my Math fabric to new level of spectacular.  Looks like it’s got just about all the compartments you need to hold all your most valuable personal effects.

Too bad I’m just too darn lazy to google-translate Linda’s post and glean exactly how it all transpired. I know. Sad. However, taking a page out of Mister Baby Pants’ book, who needs words when you can be just as pleased by all the pretty pictures!


And for our last bit of today’s cuteness, here’s a darling dress donned by its darling little owner, Noa.

I think somebody’s H-A-P-P-Y!!! <—-makes me happy seeing it too!

Featured over at Pink Chalk Studio, there are even more great photos of this stellar peasant dress, using my Wildlife fabric.

Shoot, now I want one! Grandma Becky? Are you reading this? Grandma? *is this thing on?*

Thanks to Toma, Linda and Pink Chalk Studio for showing off some really fun projects! I love seeing what you guys come up with! Woot!

Happy weekend everyone. Get to makin’ something!