Look What I Spied!

Being pretty new to the world of quilting, there are many things I’m just discovering. One thing I’ve heard about for a little while is an ‘I Spy’ quilt and ‘I Spy’ swaps. I really had no clue why they were called this. For those of you avid quilters out there, I know….duh. For the rest of you, I’ve *ta-daa* just found out! 

I Spy quilts are made by cutting and sewing together a variety of novelty & conversational prints. Typically, these are children’s prints or similar object-based imagery that become a fun visual treasure hunt for the child to “spy” and find within the finished quilt.

Hello. Makes total sense now.

And I Spy swaps make total sense too, as trading your remaining fabric with something from another quilter’s inventory is a much faster and cost effective way to accumulate a big enough variety to create a fun quilt sooner than later. 

There are some really great examples here. And if you look close enough, you might even recognize some of my designs in these finished beauties.

And how neat is this: you can score an awesome I Spy assortment right here in one fell swoop and get your sewing started pronto.

Along with the work of some stellar fellow Spoonflower designers, I was very pleasantly surprised today to find my Remembrance Through Recognition print included in the Eden set. You can spy it in the above photo, courtesy of Crafterhours. A big thank you to them!

I’m already playing the game like mad with my eldest, so it’s totally in keeping that I’m really loving this whole I Spy trend as well. I just might need to try my hand at one of these quilts sometime.

I mean, really.  A handmade blanket that keeps you warm and entertained at the same time? I spy with my little eye something that starts with perfection.