My New Wallpaper Line Debuts!

Can I get a woot woot!?

I’m v-e-r-y  e-x-c-i-t-e-d to share with you my brand spanking new wallpaper line, debuting this week at Chasing Paper!

If you don’t know about this great company, go check them out pronto and while you’re there, look for my Book Worm collection. There’s both a color and a black & white version, making your redecorating urges even more irresistible. 

For that, you’re welcome. I like making people’s lives more difficult this way.

Now go get some wallpaper! Oh, you say you don’t have the *right* room for it?

Pfft, puh-lease. Go coat your bathroom in it and tell everyone you have a finely curated personal library. Who cares if there’s a toilet in there. That’s beside the point.

Books, books everywhere! Plus it’s removable, so it can move homes when you do, just like any good book collection should!

SK + Chasing Paper = YAY!!