Nancy Zieman Blog Tour Giveaway Winners!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m thrilled to share with you our high-security winner selection process that took place just moments ago…

*insert dramatic drum roll for added adrenaline rush*

The Bub and Mister Baby Pants carved out precious time in their action-packed lives to gather in secret by our backyard fence to pick winners of my two giveaways.

As excitement and ancipation mount, The Bub pauses to systematically lists out to Mister Baby Pants why exactly he gets to go first (birth order “I"m SIX!” yadda yadda)…


Suffienctly convincing Mister Baby Pants that he would indeed get a turn as well, The Bub selects our first winner…

The winner of a copy of Nancy’s great new book, Quick Column Quilts:


>>>>>>>>>> MARY S.! <<<<<<<<<<

“Mary S, would you please come to the Customer Service Desk to collect your prize. Mary S, please come to the Customer Service Desk. Thank you.”

KIDDING; don’t go anywhere, Mary, I’ll contact you shortly for your mailing info. CONGRATULATIONS!

Mister Baby Pants steps up proudly for his moment of Friday afternoon glory. Swirling the names around the cup, he plucks one winner into the limelight in a blink of an eye…

The winner of one luscious yard each of my Cops ‘N Robbers fabric set: “Prison Line-Up” & “Car Chase” iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis:


>>>>>>>>>> Cean Bredimus Irminger <<<<<<<<<<

Cean, it’s time to get up and Moonwalk around your computer two times and conclude with an inexplicable set of rapid fist pumps into the air. Please make sure family is watching while you do this. And kindly explain not a single thing afterwards. CONGRATULATIONS!

Thanks SO much to everyone who stopped by this blog, read my ramblings and even when a step further and left a comment or two (I ADORE how the comments section spiraled into a confessional of candy-pinching and petty pattern-poaching). Much appreciated, you crafty gems, you!

Come back soon and make some amazing stuff in the meantime!