Quiltmaker Blog Tour: Giveaway Winners Announced!


We did it, fine folks! We made it to the end of another week and this one was filled with all sorts of quilting/sewing/blogging fun!

Thank you first and foremost to all the wonderful new people who stopped by my blog this week to see what I do with myself between regularly scheduled episodes of naval-gazing. 

I truly had a BLAST reading all of your comments. Many were hilariously fun, insightful and thoughtful, and all were so very complimentary and kind. Um, seriously, who could ask for anything more?!

But let me stop yapping and let’s get on with tonight’s showcase event: The Picking of the Giveaway Winners!!! (insert game show music here)

The hundreds (!) of entrants were printed out and placed into a fine flocked fern fedora (go on, repeat that in your head again; it’s fun):


The Bub, decked out in his Friday finest, was eager to get the ball rolling and mixed all the names up numerous times to even out the playing field:


He reached into the pool of names:


And chose:


“What does this person win?”, he asked me.

“A copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 9!!!!”, I replied.

He looked at me blankly.

The hat was then passed over to an equally-fascinated Mister Baby Pants, who was more than happy to just sit there holding the hat:


Told he could reach in and get a slip of paper out, he responded with great intensity:


Because he’s two and it was late, he wasn’t interested in holding up the paper for the camera, but this is who the second lucky winner is:


You will receive the fat quarter bundle of yummy Timeless Treasures Soho Solids! Woot! Woot!

The Bub was more than happy to get to pick the final winner:


And that third winner iiiiiiiis:


You are the recipient of Pellon’s super soft cotton quilt batting and fusible web!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the lucky winners!:


And a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated!

Come back soon and see more of what I’m up to, because there are always new projects and designs I’m working on and rolling out and I really look forward to sharing them with you!

Yay! Thank you! Good night! 


P.S. Yes, that’s my new Flannel Cats fabric staring at you; you can find it in all its meowvelous glory here.