Random Craftiness: Kids Capes

My eldest son’s 3rd birthday is quickly approaching. I decided that he and his friends would all receive personalized capes as birthday goody takeaways. Tall order? Of course, that’s how I roll, I suppose. Although, literally, not so tall. Short, actually. Like toddler short. Although I do want these to grow with them as they sprout and play, so they’re sized a bit bigger. I was lucky that I still had the brown paper template I had made for some I sewed up a couple years ago as family gifts. The size is perfect for kids to about 9-10 years old (depending on height). I can even wear one but the neckline starts to get a bit tight. I used glorious velcro and lined everything, so if they wanted to wear them with the reversed side out, they can. The font is Ballpark Wiener, which I somehow find hilarious considering all the squirts that will soon be wearing them. I’ll try to get a modeled group shot and post it for you to see!