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  • Sound the Trumpets!

    WELCOME!!!! (Yep, that’s yelling, happy yelling!) It’s official, fine peeps! Today is the world debut of my new craft book, Sew Adorkable: 15 DIY Projects to Keep You Out of Trouble, and that means it’s time to get rollin’ on the Sew Adorkable Blog Hop Book Tour! What does that even mean exactly? I’m glad you […]

  • Around the World Blog Hop!: SK Edition

    Two SK blog posts within one 24-hour period? Without paying or naming your first born after me? I know. And you’re welcome. This time, it’s my rendition of the Around the World Blog Hop! Yep, yep, I too was clueless about this phenomenon until my lovely creative cohort Cynthia Frenette tagged me. And now here I am, […]