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  • A Little About QuiltCon 2016

    I flew to Pasadena this weekend to attend QuiltCon 2016 and thought, in my exhausted afterglow haze one day after arriving home, that I should sit down, write something about it and blast that out to the planet, because train wreck’s gonna wreck and who cares about coherency and grammar anyway. First, the Pasadena Convention […]

  • EPP Hacker: Honeycomb Hexie Applique

    I’d never bothered to try English Paper Piecing (known as EPP to quilting fiends worldwide and an odd sounding time-sucking activity to many of you other people trapped here reading this post) until a member of my local MQG (Modern Quilt Guild, for you non-sewing folk who are now desperately trying to find your way […]