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  • A Little About QuiltCon 2016

    I flew to Pasadena this weekend to attend QuiltCon 2016 and thought, in my exhausted afterglow haze one day after arriving home, that I should sit down, write something about it and blast that out to the planet, because train wreck’s gonna wreck and who cares about coherency and grammar anyway. First, the Pasadena Convention […]

  • Meet Me in Cali!

    Yup, it’s true. You’ll be able to purchase both of my books: Sew Adorkable: 15 DIY Projects to Keep You Out of Trouble and Off the Bookshelf (my wacky fun coloring book) AND have me write something foolish in them just for you.  *Also, if you have a keen eye, you’ll be able to spot my Candy Dots quilt (from my […]

  • Photo Booth Pictures Quilt

    If you follow me on Instagram, you’d have seen all the progress photos of a recent project I’ve been working on. As a sweet one-stop recap, here’s what I’m talking about… *looks at nobody and shouts, “Roll film!”* Four panels, four different expressions. Each about 11″x14″ in size. All are needle turn appliqué with a combination […]