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  • Sound the Trumpets!

    WELCOME!!!! (Yep, that’s yelling, happy yelling!) It’s official, fine peeps! Today is the world debut of my new craft book, Sew Adorkable: 15 DIY Projects to Keep You Out of Trouble, and that means it’s time to get rollin’ on the Sew Adorkable Blog Hop Book Tour! What does that even mean exactly? I’m glad you…

  • Parfait of Awesome with Fresh Spoonflower Sprinkles

    You know that moment when seemingly disparate parts of your world collide together ever so sweetly into a unifying eureka mash-up? Just nod if you have no idea what I’m on about. Sip some coffee. I’ll explain. Stay with me here. As a designer, I like to think I make clear, conscious decisions about the…

  • Garden Variety Drawings

    I posted this a while back on Instagram, but it’s just too irresistible to not post again, so here we have it: Yup, that’s right! Cucumber aerobics, courtesy of my backyard veggie garden.  Plus, fresh from today’s garden pickings…. Tomato lip fish face! Thanks, my summer garden!

  • Hello, August!

    Wound down the busy and fun-filled month of July with easy breezy skies and happy, happy clouds.  Hello, August! Let’s DO this!

  • Class of ‘89: A Work in Progress

    I’ve been juggling a few different things lately, between regular kidlet duties, school fundraising shenanigans, the finishing up of my first book (hello!) and all my other design and art projects, let’s just say things have been especially busy. A little while back, I realized that so much of what I do and make is…

  • Cops ‘N’ Robbers Crisscross Box Top: Tutorial

    Hallo, hallo! My Crisscross Box Top tutorial featuring my new Cops ‘N’ Robbers fabric is up on the Timeless Treasures blog today.  A super easy and cute project that I promise won’t consume your entire weekend! Who could ask for more?!