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  • By Request! Social Distancing Tees

    By Request! Social Distancing Tees

    Too soon? Likely not soon enough, if the truth be told. I got a request to design some social distancing swag and I’m here to tell you they’re up and available (for how long, due to virus shutdowns, I don’t know) on my Society6 shop page. I’m afraid I can’t control all aspects of the…

  • Covid-19 PSA Posters!

    Covid-19 PSA Posters!

    Whoa, okay so it really must be the end of times because I’ve dusted off the ol’ blog! Turns out Coronavirus/Covid-19 calls for more free downloadable poster creations, this time in the form of friendly PSAs (please stay awesome). My hope is to add a nice little batch here (so keep checking back for more)…