Tag: when pigs fly

  • Is It Spring Yet?

    Don’t answer that. No really, don’t. What I will happily acknowledge is that the March/April issue of Generation Q magazine is popping up on bookstore shelves faster than daffodil blooms can make up their minds. Although I still haven’t gotten my dirty little paws on a copy (arghhhhhh, I’m too impatient for this!), I did…

  • Zoooooooom!

    Oh, it’s so ON, people. Let’s DO this! *pssst…see another fun sneak peek here at the bottom of the page. Have you seen any pigs flying lately? Oink! Oink!

  • ‘Good Drawing Hand’ Days

    Well, alrighty then. I think this time it’s fairly safe to say that I really did fall into a hole. A drawing haze of a hole. I’ve been working on a couple commissions along with new textile designs and have simply fallen into a sketching and drawing and using-up-of-ink-pens haze. I’ve got a stack of almost,…