Textiles: Finished Projects

Thought I’d share with you a couple of lovely purses made by two different Etsy designers, both using my ‘Love Fiesta’ fabric. This sweet clutch purse is one of Jennifer Ladd’s beautiful creations. I love all of her work and she always lines her bags with the cutest coordinating fabrics!

This great handbag with fun bamboo handles is by Terra Maya Romantico. I can completely see it paired with a maxi dress and flip flops while running errands on a Saturday. Well, that’s how I’d imagine photographing it with a model for a catalogue at least. Yes, yes, I see it now. At a fruit stand, smiling wildly while selecting just the right pineapple, yes, yes.

Check out these designers’ Esty sites and think of them for your next gift purchase (to yourself, of course!) Adorable purses, ladies!