The 4×6 Exchange

Sometimes I really wonder what I was thinking. At the start of things, it always seems like a good idea to throw my hat into the ring and participate in various art projects. And then as the hourglass starts draining sand, I proceed to panic about if I really have enough time to execute the most. perfect. ever. idea that I had in my head.

Then it’s a matter of logistics. Sometimes my routine paces well enough to see the light at the end of these creative tunnels rather quickly. Other times, like today, I wonder if I’ll even get to eat lunch before bedtime, let alone if I’ll get any further to realizing the completion of a project.

I did actually finish up one such thing today, specifically for the Art House Co-op’s 4×6 Exchange 2 worldwide art swap.  But I’m not too sure what to make of my final product. You see, I typically think out an idea all the way before beginning to execute it. I often have multiple mental drafts and I slowly ponder every angle of each one before crumpling up the unusable ones and pitching them onto the floor of my brain. Oh, this won’t work because…Oh, that won’t because…Oh, that makes no sense at all…Oh, that’s completely nuts in the most perfect way, let’s go for it… 

And so on.

So when I looked up from all my wee-hours-of-the-night drawing that spanned many days in fits and starts, I have to say, I’m not sure what it is. And in any other world, with more time on my hands, I might’ve scrapped what was in front of me and tried again. Or I might have thought about it more to begin with. But in this case, I released control (probably by way of blurry beige mommy brain) and opted to just start drawing things that pleased me. Bird cars with rabbit drivers, skylines and stars, loopy script of random inspirational words that popped into my head at the very moment I was ready to write them with indelible ink. No turning back. No command-z.

No rough pencil sketch; only diving in with a permanent pen on my little 4×6 shimmery piece of cardstock. And oh, yes it is shimmery indeed; with a purple-to-green shot sparkle when you hold it at an angle. A fun bonus for the recipient of this curious piece…

Oh well, I may not know quite what’s going on in this little artwork, but I’m more than happy that I completed it by the swap deadline (ehem, unlike the sketchbook project of two years ago that simply yielded me a small moleskin sketchbook that is still, to this day, empty).

So off it goes in the mail tomorrow and I look forward to seeing what I get in return! It’s always exciting to get mail (of course, except when it’s pesky bills) and even better to await the arrival of a little piece of art!

The Art House Co-op has many interesting projects going on. And they’re fun stuff to participate in. You know, when there’s just enough time to fit them in.