The HMS Dilly Dally

I’m completely knee-deep in projects. To my left, to my right, stuffed into my ears, I feel like they’re everywhere. Hovering over me as I sleep, wanting to know if they’re done and can go and play. Bundled in the back of the car, wanting to know if we are indeed there yet. Alas, most of these projects are still in progress: direct marketing print work, textile designs, houseware items ready to be sewn up and those yet-to-be-fully-tackled Halloween costumes.

Knowing all that, what is it that I’m going to share with you, you might ask? Three solid ways to kill handfuls of minutes at a time while pretending it’s all okay because, well, these are all graphic design-related and surely that means they don’t reallllly count as time-wasters, right? HA! I’m not going down on this here HMS Dilly Dally dingy boat thing by myself! My favorite is the kerning game. Too bad I’m not stuck at an airport with a monstrous delay, cuz this bad boy would be a perfect distractor.

Still not impressed? I leave you with this little visual nugget of amazement that I was lucky enough to catch the other day while enjoying ferry rides with my family around the East River. Not sure why, but I’ve got a hankering for cotton candy now. Funny that.: