Time Flies

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m enjoying the sunlight pour into the living room while gearing up enough energy to work on another pattern. This has been a big weekend as my youngest, Mister Baby Pants, has just turning a whopping ONE. 

Ummmm, how did that happen? Hello, blink of an eye.

This last year has been an absolute joy to experience, now that I’ve gone through mommyhood before and can relax more this time around knowing there are simply up moments and down moments and everyone will be alllllll right. I’m already missing this wee baby getting bigger, small feet growing every day. It’s a reminder that time flies and and to truly live in the moment as much as possible.

With friends and family, we celebrated the world of Mister Baby Pants with great fanfare, beautiful weather in the park and a gob of cupcakes that I gleefully fused together with copious amounts of homemade butter cream icing to create a giant grinning green cat. Turns out, you can never put too much butter cream icing on a cupcake.

A silly cat cupcake-cake that I had good fun making. Thinking about it, I’m looking forward to future cake-making times when I can attempt to fill the specific (and possibly peculiar) requests for whatever my little art directing children want for their special days. My drawing-with-icing skills are slowly improving. 

So with a still shot from his personal movie that’s otherwise called Year One of Life, I give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY cheer to my little brown-eyed boy.