To Dye For

Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed your fair share of chocolate-eating. I did. I mean, my son did. I didn’t eat a single thing from his egg hunt loot. Not a single thing. Nope. Not me.

Along with egg hunting, we dyed our required dozen and filled the kitchen with the beautiful, festive scent of…vinegar. Here was my single contribution to the grand affair:

Nothing spectacular, as it dawned on me that I haven’t dyed an egg in decades. So I decided to take all pressure off and just play around with the leftover dye.

Ooooh, yes. The leftover dye…

There was a fair amount of it and I didn’t want to just pitch it. 

I did search around online and didn’t find anything too riveting to do with it aside from letting the kids paint with it. 

I opted to dye some scrap fabric just for the heck of it, so I dragged out some vintage muslin that was waving hello to me from one of my fabric stashes.

Just watching the dye slowly creep its way up the fabric was fascinating. I rarely get a chance to completely mess around and experiment with no end goal in mind per se, so with all the pressure off, I just stared at the color travel its way against the pull of gravity.

Since I had gone this far and committed fabric to this random and possibly fruitless experiment, I decided to steam all the strips of fabric in baggies, as per something I spotted online to make everything set a bit more.

And the pooling liquid just looked neat in the bags…

I didn’t time anything. I really flew by the seat of my pants on this one and just checked the pot at various intervals…

When it seemed like enough time (and my patience ran out), I took everything out and rinsed it all out. 

Ahhhh, bye-bye vinegar. 

And hello, pretty springlike colors…

Hmmm, what to do with them now? I haven’t the foggiest idea. So, let the experimentation continue!