Today’s Avoidance

This is more of a post of avoidance; I’ll admit it straight off the bat (and if you’re reading this, you just might be avoiding something on your end of this here web).

I’m *supposed to be* getting some of my patterns print-ready and instead of dealing with the fact that I’m clearly an outrageous color glutton and use hoards of them in many of my patterns with reckless abandon, I’m sitting here writing a random post about some of my other graphic design work. Hahaha, in your face Time Management. Procrastination and I will have THIS dance now, thank you very much.

Earlier this year, I was approached to create a logo for a local grassroots green space campaign in the neighborhood. I whole-heartedly believe in the Grow A Park campaign (we don’t have enough park space to enjoy!) and supporting such a local effort was not one to pass up, so I gladly turned a design around for them in quick speed. My four happy trees have become a favorite and I’ve now incorporated them into a new main logo for the Jackson Heights Green Alliance. You might spot both iterations around the web and if you live nearby, you’ll find the Grow A Park pledge certificates Where’s Waldo-style in numerous business shopfronts as you go about your daily grind.

I popped into a favorite local store recently and found my happy trees front and center at the cash register, beautifully displayed for all to see. I love Table Wine’s aesthetic anyway, so it’s even more fun to see my little creation well-integrated in a sweet frame chumming up to the GINORMOUS mac they have on the counter. Lookin’ good, lookin’ good!

And now that I’ve shared this with you, I will now make a valiant effort to check another project off my list today. Color-whittlin’ job? Another vest attempt? We shall see! In the meantime, Happy Friday!