• Phew! Finally got my artistic license renewed today. There was an INSANELY long line wrapping around the DMV (Dept. of Mega Visuals) building. The picture isn’t the most flattering and doesn’t quite look like me but isn’t that always the way?!? #drawing #illustration #artisticlicense

  • Ever wondered how fabric gets onto those highly coveted bolts? Watch this mesmerizing clip of Darryl doing just that with my new Cops ‘N’ Robbers Car Chase fabric in the Timeless Treasures Warehouse! Go, Darryl, go, Darryl!! (Source:

  • An oldie but goodie: For your viewing pleasure, here’s a video I art directed and created the puppets and props for a few years back. Still a favorite of mine. Hope you like it too. Enjoy your weekend…and make it even more fun with an impromptu blanket fort or two! (Source:

  • Rounding out our Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day extravaganza, I now present you with the WINNER of Goodie #2: The Chefalopod Apron kit! And folks, kindly brace yourselves because you’re about to witness the u.l.t.i.m.a.t.e. random generator of random generators right here. We thumb our noses at the internet version, as it’s simply a mockery […]

  • Drumroll please!! Announcing the WINNER of my Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day Goodie #1: Toothy plushie kit: As I mentioned previously, my eldest child would select the winner. And to show you we’re not messing around over here, check this video out to see proof of our iron-clad selection process (yes, there’s a sound track too). The winner […]

  • Did you ever find yourself wanting to see three Timeless Treasures videos of me talking about some of my design work? Thought so…. P.S. The murals have been up since 2004 so that’s why they’re a tad weathered-looking in parts and maybe not as vibrantly colored as they originally were. But the fun part […]

  • After a long holiday weekend full of strange events, including a round of colds for everyone, I was winding down tonight, thinking about what’s ahead for this week when I got an exciting surprise email! Looks like a certain fancy pants bunny rabbit chose me (ME!) to win an AWESOME giveaway by the could-she-be-an-ounce-more-talented Berene […]