Weekend Roundup

Whoa, now. Hang on. Don’t get too excited. I’m bound to never post so many fascinating things from any particular weekend down the road, so let’s just call this a one-off type post. And hey, if it happens again, woohoo.

In the meantime, here’s quick glimpse of a couple of fun things from this weekend.

First, may I share with you some things I did not expect to bring home with me on Saturday. But like a beacon in the sun (or sparkly tinsel to a bowerbird), the horrendous neon green handwritten yard sale sign simply hollered at me to detour. 

And I’m glad I did. It was a sewing-centric sale with gobs of button boxes and zippers galore. I kinda panicked. I mean look, when confronted with brand new zippers of all colors and sizes imaginable, how do you pick when you don’t have any specific use in mind at all? Well I’ll tell you, you just rabidly grab a handful of whatever looks good like you’re on the lamb and need to keep moving before the law catches up.

In my frenzy, I also found two fun fabrics, one of which turned out to be about 14 yards-worth when I checked it out at home (the polka dot/flora number above), a couple spools of old-school bias binding and some interesting woven ribbon trim.

We’ll see what I end up making. In the meantime, I need to make yet another hidey-hole for my ever-expanding stash of materials. This is getting crazy, people.

And for Sunday’s bit of random creativity, I present you with a half-baked (wait for it, you’ll see how punny that is in a sec) idea that I got at the last moment while assembling two fresh apple pies with The Bub tonight.

It had been days that we’d been talking about making pies from the fresh apples we picked upstate a couple of weekends ago. And finally, when we got around to it tonight, I realized I wanted something a bit more fun than straight latticework on top. That’d be boring for The Bub to help me with anyway.

So I pulled out the awesome letter cookie cutters I got a while back from the Muji store. I’ve used them once before, but they didn’t make the best cookies, as the letters expanded into a fat bubble font, kinda like how I wrote when I was 10. But I had high hopes for this application as pie crust stays put.

We had great fun making our very own apple pie letter latticework! The Bub had a blast selecting letters to add, honing in on those that were missing or those that needed repeating, just because.

We were making two pies, like I said. One for us and one for a sweet elderly neighbor of ours who always gives the kids little gifts when she sees them. So there were lots of letters to make. It was a lot of fun.

It turned out perfectly. Just enough delicate crust on top, strapping the juicy caramel-drizzled apples down in place, just long enough before being gobbled. Which is exactly what happened next. Both pies down for the count. So quickly, I never got a decent photo of either of them (the photo above is a progress shot that’ll have to do for now).

You’ll just have to trust me that using this letter latticework technique is not only functional and tasty, it’s also the perfectly dorky melding of fun graphic design into apple pastry scrumptiousness.

Did I mention how tasty it was? Nom, nom, nom. And with that, good night. 🙂

Update 10-08-12: In the morning light, I did spy one intact and unscathed letter in the hot mess that was the delicious leftover pie…

N is for definitely for Nom, nom, nom. 🙂