Weekend Studio Visit

It’s always fun to see how other artists and designers keep their studios, so I jumped at the opportunity to meet up with Lotta Jansdotter in her natural habitat in Gowanus, Brooklyn a few weekends back. 

Gowanus is also the home to my mural. You knew I had a mural, right? You can see me rambling on about it here and here and here. (Pop some popcorn; watching these might take a while).

Anyway, back to my actual post topic…

Lotta’s space is part shop and work space with nice little surprises to look at everywhere. I’ve been holding out on having a formal studio space of my own and visiting hers just reminds me how much I’m looking forward to one.

A glimpse behind the curtain is always fun and much like cleaning up before the house keeper comes (if we all pretended we had housekeepers coming, maybe our homes would look better more often. <—clearly rhetorical).

We all tend to tidy our spaces at least a little before showing our creative environments. It’s hard to resist not to. Especially when you’re revealing your studio. It’s like looking straight into someone’s underwear drawer. I like the balance between fussed with and non-fussed with. Contain some things, let other stuff just exist as it does. I’m not endorsing a similar approach to underwear, however.

It was fun to hang out and chat. I liked realizing Lotta and I are both actually sorting out the world of licensing as we go along. Safety in numbers, right?

Bits and pieces of works in progress. Mister Baby Pants hung out with a cookie, a piece of paper and no shoes. Hippie.

The Bub was off in his own world on the sofa. We could probably have picked him up from here and put him down on his own sofa and he’d have never known he had been moved.

An inspiring little visit. Makes me want my treehouse studio more than ever. Oh, mark my words, it. will. happen.

Thanks again, Lotta!