What Are You Making?

Hello, hello!

Quick pop in here, in between some major amounts of Christmas present-making. I even got my husband into the act yesterday to do some seam ripping business after I used the alphabet feature on my new sewing machine and messed up what I was working on. That was before making a curtain for a friend and not giving it quite enough allowance to be the correct height for her window. Hello, “feature detail of fabric at the bottom which looks lovely and effectively masks the problem, but was not *reallllly* supposed to be there in the first place.”

HAHAHA. Mistake, fix, new project, mistake, fix…repeat. Not to worry, everything’s getting done nicely. Here are some progress shots:

So tell me, what are YOU making for gifts this year? Feel free to change the recipient names to protect the innocent. Whatcha got cookin’?

By the way, I am LOVING all the responses to my two Sew, Mama, Sew! giveaways (Toothy and Chefalopod unite!). Remember, deadline is tomorrow (Friday) at midnight! Keep those comments coming and my children will select the winners this weekend.

And now, before I run off and finish up some more projects (I said finish. Not mess up. Note to self.), I present you with this. You might want to avert your eyes. It may be traumatic for some people. It may induce huge amounts of riotous laughter in others. You have been warned:

Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! 🙂