Whirlwind Tour

We flew down to Tey-has last weekend for a dear friend’s wedding and managed to pack in a whole lot of action all around it. To the gills. A whirlwind tour for sure. One of those events was a pit stop to my wonderful longtime friend, MC’s house to do a quick switcheroo into our wedding finest. Not only was I beside myself to see her again, but I COULD NOT STOP my eyes from darting around at all the awesome eye candy she has outfitted her 80-year old bungalow with…

I was short on sleep (when am I not?) and tired from a long car ride. To add to that, MC only had about 30 ticking minutes to spare before darting off to work and while my mouth was going a mile a minute, I’m fairly sure I couldn’t look her in the eye for more than a few nanoseconds before wanting to visually case the joint again. Jerry on the mantle, a 1950’s cat lampshade, festive Day of the Dead skeletons hanging out on flowerpots. Patterns and textures and color everywhere…

Bird salt and pepper shakers on a stack of cool dishes on the dining table, butterflies heading up the ceiling *gasp!*, a vintage gold-haired chick in the bathroom holding hairbands and clips. In the middle of wresting the six yards of my orange silk sari to stay in place and trying not to gob up my eyelashes into a Tammy Faye frenzy, I dashed around the house taking quick snapshots of any and everything, because it was all just so cool and fun to look at.

This is a small, believe me, small smattering of all the neat pieces she has all around her place. Only she would have a hot pink glittery Virgin Mary at one end of her house and an olive green glittery lady skull with black flower and feather embellishments greeting people at the front door. Just fun, fun, fun, and great inspiration.