Who You Callin’ Cute?

If you’re reading this post, you probably already know that birds and, specifically owls, are embellishing just about everything these days.  If you don’t know this, then ignorance is bliss.

Some years back, when I was the ASPCA’s Creative Director, I was lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes visit of the New England Wildlife Center which rehabilitates sick/injured owls among many other beautiful creatures. I met and petted my first-ever red fox there. ‘Foxy’ was his name and he truly thought he was a domesticated dog. I played fetch with Foxy. Seriously. A wonderful creature and a magical experience.

I also recall looking in on a small recuperating screech owl, unimaginably cute as he slept in his cage. I was quickly informed however that he was not, in fact, sleeping. Whaaa?! Turns out, although I thought his eyes were shut, he was staring right at me with super-squinty, almost-closed eyes which provided him with precision focus to hone in on me with. I recall gasping at this little guy’s grand pulling of a fast one. A natural, instinctual fast one, but a fast one no less. Cheeky thing.

Anywho…whoo…WHOOO!….now that I have completely and utterly dazzled you with my one riveting owl story…

I don’t for a second think the owl will step aside completely as a favored design motif, but I’m going to hedge (hardy har har) my bets and put my funny money on the undeniable prickly cuteness that is…ta-daa…the hedgehog!

Yeah, yeah, I know, they’re not new on the scene. But as we see loads of other old-is-new-again retro trending, I put the hedgehog in the front of the pack. Plus, I’ve always secretly wanted one. Until then, I will make do with admiring them from afar and drawing them, like this little number I created yesterday. And here it is in its finished form.

Whatcha think?