A Childhood Love: Addendum!

I don’t typically post an entry within minutes of having posted the last one, but this time I couldn’t resist.

After seeing what lovely loyal reader, Vo, had to say regarding my knitting machine post…

“That is not very nice putting up something that I’ve never tried but now feel like I must get one of those machines. Don’t you know I am so addicted to crafts I’m driven to try everything that piques my interest? *shaking fist* at thinking of driving to the craft store to buy one of these kits. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can make purse straps in half the time for felting purposes?”

…she reminded me of a charming failed project I made a few years back. Behold:

Er, what is that?!?


No, really. What is that?!?

Okay, well, here’s another view:

It was meant to be a winter baby bonnet. I created a series of little discs using the very same machine in my last post and sewed them all together to create this shape. And it fit beautifully on The Bub’s baby head. I did make some sizing allowance for the felting process, but clearly not enough and not the right shape, because once it was felted, I realized it shrank way too much and got strangely conical. It no longer fitted like a cloche, but rather perched on top of his head making him look like a baby barrister. Not a bad look, not a bad look, if there are any baby barristers reading this.

So there you go. Failed bonnet! But I’ve kept it around ever since, convinced I can turn it into something else. A stuffed sheep toy perhaps? Who knows. I know the concept is good, but my sizing was just off, and I just haven’t revisited it since.

So in conclusion, Vo, yes, I bet the knitting machine will make purse straps for you a lot faster than other methods. It’s addictive and entertaining to boot. Here’s a hearty “You’re welcome!” for causing more crafty gadgets to invade your home. You can send me a bill. But you’ll have to find me first. ;D