Baby Blanket: Better Late Than Never

I feel like I’ve had this particular project in mind for ages. A baby blanket for Mister Baby Pants to match his musical crib toy I had made a few months back.

And as the Fates would have it, this simple sandwiching of a single sheet of batting between my ‘Imagine That’ and ‘Paper Airplane Dot’ fabrics (both in stores now) seemed to take nothing short of F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to actually finish.

Aside from slotting in the time to work on it, I also found myself getting sabotaged by its eventual recipient.

Need to spread the fabric out on the floor to cut it, Mama? How about I sit on it!?!?! Oh, you’re in the middle of sewing it, Mama? How about I wildly flap my hands on the control buttons to keep things lively?!?!

But finally, my good people of the world, I finished that darn blanket today. After stopping and starting SO many times, I opted to go with random machine quilting in the center area, intertwining a bunch of straight and curved stitching lines together.

Not only does it add to the wonky whimsy already present in the designs, but it required less concentration on my part, which was a good thing, considering I had to have one eye constantly on my resident saboteur.

It goes very nicely with the crib toy and by the looks of things, Mister Baby Pants enjoys it too.

And the best part is that it’s one more thing I can cross of my to-do list!

Baby blanket complete! Done and done!