Sticks & Spots, Stripes & Dots

Here’s a little bit of fun news I didn’t get the chance to share last week….

I won Spoonflower’s latest design competition last Thursday!!!

The theme?  Geometrics.

(photo courtesy of Spoonflower)

My answer? Sticks & Spots, Stripes & Dots! Ta-daa!

This was a two-color specific, palette-restricted challenge and although I typically gravitate towards more saturated colors, the green and purple have started to grow on me.

For variety’s sake, I thought I’d try out a few other color combos.

Whatcha think? Is there a combo I’m missing? Hmmm, maybe a taupe, earth tone pairing? Must. Tinker. More.

I’m favoring the lemon/pewter combo and the lighter of the two b/w versions. But that’s right now. Give me a minute and I’ll change my mind.

Thanks so much to everyone who voted. It’s great to have won again!