Black Lives Matter: Posters

I’ve made some more protest posters, available to you for free personal use. 

The “We Demand” design is directly inspired by a poster used in the 1963 March on Washington…a solid 57 YEARS ago. 

Ms. Wells-Barnett’s quote is 127 YEARS old –pause on that for a moment– from her “Lynch Law in All Its Phases,” published February 13, 1893. Read it.

If you do download any of these posters for display and/or peacefully marching with in upcoming BLM protests, I ask that you please also donate directly to Black Lives Matter,  The Innocence Project and The Sentencing Project as places to start further support, if you haven’t already… because this centuries-old racial injustice shit storm isn’t going to stop by itself.  xox-sk

Color Is Not a Crime:


Those Who Commit the Murders Write the Reports -Ida B. Wells:


I Comply I Still Die:


They Weren’t Bad Apples The Tree Is Rotten:


We Demand An End To Police Brutality Now!:


Same rules apply as with my other posters, which are all my original artwork and my intellectual property.

Please follow my usage rules below:

Each poster is formatted to be 18″ x 24″ in size, so feel free to print them that large or size them down if needed. (Staples has an 18×24 poster printing option at their store, fyi.)

These posters are free for personal use only. They are not for resale or for profit in any way; use them in good faith without misappropriation and most importantly, please credit me –Samarra Khaja– whenever possible.  

If you print and walk with one of my signs at a march, etc. please send me photos of you in action! I’d love to see them as well as repost/share them via my blog and social media. Email photos to:

Keep your voices loud and you will be the force of change.  xox -sk