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  • Posters: Save the People’s Postal Service

    Posters: Save the People’s Postal Service

    The United States Postal Service is actually more American than apple pie. It was founded in 1639 and did you know, Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster General in 1775. It’s kept people in this country connected – door by door, mailbox by mailbox – for centuries. As their motto goes, “Neither snow nor rain nor […]

  • Black Lives Matter: Posters

    Black Lives Matter: Posters

    I’ve made some more protest posters, available to you for free personal use.  The “We Demand” design is directly inspired by a poster used in the 1963 March on Washington…a solid 57 YEARS ago.  Ms. Wells-Barnett’s quote is 127 YEARS old –pause on that for a moment– from her “Lynch Law in All Its Phases,” […]

  • By Request! Social Distancing Tees

    By Request! Social Distancing Tees

    Too soon? Likely not soon enough, if the truth be told. I got a request to design some social distancing swag and I’m here to tell you they’re up and available (for how long, due to virus shutdowns, I don’t know) on my Society6 shop page. I’m afraid I can’t control all aspects of the […]

  • Covid-19 PSA Posters!

    Covid-19 PSA Posters!

    Whoa, okay so it really must be the end of times because I’ve dusted off the ol’ blog! Turns out Coronavirus/Covid-19 calls for more free downloadable poster creations, this time in the form of friendly PSAs (please stay awesome). My hope is to add a nice little batch here (so keep checking back for more) […]

  • Recent Client Work: Totally Collectible

    Recent Client Work: Totally Collectible

    I created this action figure box-style photo op display for attendees to have fun with at the Singer booth during the Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle last week. I busted out some custom hand-drawn and drafted lettering too! It was a really fun project to conceptualize and design and from what I hear, it was […]

  • New Posters: Defending DACA

    New Posters: Defending DACA

    Like sands through the hourglass, so are the march posters of our lives…. Yep, fine friends, it’s time once again for a new freshly-baked round of posters. Here’s the latest batch: 1. No Human Is Illegal 2. Education Not Deportation 3. The Power Of The People Is Greater Than Then People In Power 4. ¡Sí […]