Delivery from Sweden

I love mail. 

I really love international mail.

When I was in the 3rd grade and living in Dubai, I had a Swedish penpal. We’d mail each other stickers and write whatever pressing things an 8-year old has to say on specially selected stationary that we thought the other would enjoy. 

Now with the digital age, getting any postal mail (aside from possibly bills or junk mail) seems more and more rare, so when I get any package from anywhere, I’m excited. Like, 8-year old penpal excited.

Although I knew what it was, I was still very giddy when my husband handed me a little goodie the other day. From Sweden no less. What is it with me and Sweden? Who knows, but I like it.

I love seeing the ‘ordinary’ stuff of other countries. When I travel, I make it a point to go to local grocery stores for that same reason. It’s fun to compare and contrast with what’s familiar.

Oh, and the stamps. The stamps! I’ve always loved stamps, ever since I was young (also probably about 8-years old) and began a collection of my own.

But the best part was what was inside.

Now, I’m not big on clowns, but when I saw this wonderful wallhanging by Jerry Roupe, I had to have it. Probably because it’s really not so much clown, as it has an irreverent, mod, driving glove-wearing, goofy bank robber clown feel to it.

And I’ve got a bit of an ongoing crush on Jerry Roupe’s work, which is typically of the Christmas elf persuasion (yes, I have my fair share of those gems too, which will soon don our walls in the upcoming holiday months).

I wish I could find out more about Jerry’s work, but what I do know so far is all thanks to the lovely Benita over at Chez Larsson, who helped me track down a few details only available in Swedish. Jerry seems to have been born in 1919 and passed away in 2005. She lived in a Stockholm suburb called Älvsjö and is actually still listed in the phone book there. And in 1962, she published a book, which I now want. Of course. Seems to be only available in Sweden. Of course.

So for now, my new irreverent, mod, driving glove-wearing, goofy bank robber clown will have to do. And I’m perfectly happy with that.