Tag: vintage

  • Didn’t Everyone Have a PJ Bear?

    Am I the only one who randomly assumes everyone else grew up with the same things I did? Maybe so. It’s a bit mad on my part as my childhood was such a tapestry of different things, but hey, you never know and I’ve often been surprised. Here’s something I was specifically wondering about… While […]

  • Objects of Inspiration

    Do you ever find yourself going through your daily routine and next thing you’ve stumbling across a little object in your possession that simply fills you with random happiness? I was in the kitchen the other day and needed to open up a bottle and mindlessly went to the cutlery drawer and pulled out one […]

  • Let’s Party! (and who’s Ingrid, anyway?)

    Why, hello there! I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays to the fullest. On this New Year’s Eve Eve, I thought I’d post something random, quirky, fun, festive and full of colorful surprise…many of the same exciting qualities the new year is sure to bring with it, right? Are you listening, 2013, because I’m lookin’ […]

  • Delivery from Sweden

    I love mail.  I really love international mail. When I was in the 3rd grade and living in Dubai, I had a Swedish penpal. We’d mail each other stickers and write whatever pressing things an 8-year old has to say on specially selected stationary that we thought the other would enjoy.  Now with the digital […]

  • Treasure Hunt Scores!

    I got my treasure hunting fix last weekend and as is the case with such events, I came home with a curious collection of things. A friend of mine (oh so easily) convinced me to go to an out of control nautical junk shop. I’m always up for an adventure like this, so hello, GAME […]