Doodle: Good for the Noodle!

What the what, I almost never post three days in a row….so please don’t begin to expect this…but this morning as I sat here trying to wake up, I stumbled across a couple of highly interesting and insightful pieces on drawing and doodling.

You MUST take a moment to read “I Draw Pictures All Day”, a great article by Alma Hoffman on why doodling is important. It’s a great well-rounded examination of how integral the act truly is for so many people, past and present, young and old.

And to go one step further, if you haven’t seen Sunni Brown’s talk, you MUST go check it out here. I command you!!

As someone who has grown up drawing and doodling (I can’t live without it, I tell you), I’m so excited to read all this. I’m a visual learner and always did better when pie charts and diagrams were involved.

I also know I can’t go too long without desperately wanting to pick up a pen or pencil and doodle something, just to break up my day, visualize an idea I’ve had for a while, or just to see if I’m drawing well at any given moment.

Here’s a kinda crude drawing (or doodle; hmmm, when does a doodle become a drawing exactly?) that I made a few days ago, to celebrate a moment in time and also to see how quickly I could get it onto paper. It was a busy day with no time to myself, so I stood at the kitchen counter drawing it sloppily and quickly, much like someone would franticly chug their coffee down before leaving the house.

Hey, speaking of coffee…

…go get yourself a nice cup o’ joe and wake up enjoyably while taking in these insightful pieces. I also think Jason Santa Maria has it right when he says, “Sketchbooks are not about being a good artist. They’re about being a good thinker.”

Yes! Now go doodle!