Illuminated Inspiration

I absolutely love when customers share their finished project photos with me of all the wonderful things they make with my fabrics. I’m always curious to see what something will be turned into. I don’t always get to find out, but when I do, it’s really exciting.

So when Camille DeAngelis posted this lovely bit of dressiness, I found myself clapping uncontrollably like a gleeful sea lion. Ort! Ort! Ort!

Using my Medieval Stained Glass Rose fabric, she’s created this really fun and inspiring ‘Cathedral Dress’. 

Look at the detail pleating work! This is certainly a dress that must be nothing short of happy-inducing every time it gets donned. Love it!

Go see more of Camille’s stellar handiwork and find out about her sewing process here. And thank you to both her and Anne Weil for showcasing this design in a such a joyful way.

Oh and hey, if that’s not inspiring enough, this is also probably a good time to tell you that, as with all good things, this pattern and the original version will soon be discontinued *sigh*, so get yourselves over to Spoonflower stat and grab some before they go bye-bye. 😀