Giveaway Day Winners Announced!

Ladies and gentlemen: May I have your attention please!

Today is a LUCKY day for two entrants of the many wonderful comment submissions I received for my Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day goodies this last week. Watch the winner of Goodie #1 get revealed here and find the winner of Goodie #2 get randomly selected in the most perfect way here.

I loved reading about your favorite projects and biggest cooking mishaps. I’ve learned not to mistake salt for sugar or chili powder for nutmeg or cinnamon. I now know that I really should wear a hard hat and goggles into the kitchen on the off-chance a crockpot, blender lid or other cooking vessel decides to combust and fling itself into space. I never want to have the fire department over unless I’m cooking them a meal and I must remember to replenish the smoke detector batteries often. Lastly, it’s never a good idea to get lazy with your oils and just substitute olive oil for something else unless deep down you really don’t want to eat what you’re making anyway…cuz that wish’ll come true when the egg timer goes off.

And that concludes my cliff notes summary of all your gory tales. Let’s all learn from our mistakes. 😀

Big congratulations to the winners and please do subscribe to my blog, come back and see me from time to time. Keep those comments coming. I do enjoy your company!