Ho-Ho-Holiday Time!

Like many of you, I’ve been in overdrive to get a gob of holiday presents made for my family and friends. One particular thing I’ve been over-the-moon obsessed with is Betz White’s Flight Cap pattern and after making one for my eldest child, I decided to go on a tear and make a handful more for some super special kidlets in my life. 

Shhhhh, these two are for baby June and big brother Hank. I haven’t given them yet, but just had to show them off to you now because I love how they turned out. Ordered on Spoonflower’s cotton-linen, I chose my Eyelet Butterflylets for June’s cap and this robot design for Hank’s. I hope they like them and I can’t wait to see them on!!

For my own two little timeless treasures (<–intentional corny comment for comedic effect), I decided to go with some fun Timeless Treasures fabrics.

For the Bub, I went with a super-cute shipyards pattern I bought a while ago that he spotted in my stash and was really taken by. Coupling that with his favorite color for the fleece lining and I think I have a a real winner on my hands. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens this!

And for Mister Baby Pants, I selected this fireworks design that’s fresh outta the oven. How so? It’s one of my…wait for it…wait for it…newest designs for Timeless Treasures!!! It’s so fresh in fact that it’s not even out yet, but you get a sneak peak of it right here!! Ta-daa!

By the way, if you are ever in need of fleece, I can’t recommend Mill Direct Textiles enough. It’s one of the last mills in the US that manufactures AWESOME-quality fleece and they have a really interesting history to boot. My friend Madalyn tipped me off to them (thank you, ma’am, I’m now addicted). It’s supreme fleece, so if you care about what you’re making, buy from this place.

To round out my clear addiction to these flight caps, here’s a very special one for dear baby Ellis. You see, I drew this toile pattern, which pays tribute to civil rights history of the United States, a little shy of a year ago, when Spoonflower hosted a contest with this tricky theme and while sweet baby Ellis arrived into the world with a very rough start.

I was on edge waiting for progress reports from the NICU and opted to distract myself by thinking about children, by education and learning, and by those same children being our future and our hope. The resulting design was this educational toile to inspire tots everywhere. 

And here we are about to close out 2011 and not only has this pattern found a great home at Timeless Treasures, but baby Ellis also finally got to go home and has spent the better part of this year doing all those amazing things that babies do. He’ll be one in January and this hat seemed like the perfect thing for me to make for him. It’s intentionally a bit big so he can wear it for a few more years. He’s already stylin’ in it (see above!).

I’ve had a total blast making these gifts. Now I need to get on with the gift-wrapping portion of these holiday events. You too, you say? Where’s the tape? I need more ribbon. Let’s do this, people!