Giveaway Winners Announced

Well, I got to it all a day late. My apologies. We got swept up in all things long holiday weekend-related and I’m only now just finding the time to post the winners of my two Sew, Mama, Sew! giveaways.

So let’s get to it…

Giveaway Part One:
Nautilus & Nautilus Jr. Chef Hats (Cut n’ Sew Kit)

The Bub selected the BIG WINNER of a one-yard kit to make your very own Nautilus and Nautilus Jr. Chefs Hats from my ‘Chefalopod: A Culinary Companion’ series.

The complete list of entrants was printed out onto one glorious piece of paper and right as the evening sun was about to set, an orange marker was handed to The Bub with the instruction, “Please put a circle around one of the names on this piece of paper.”

He chose his target and began with one ink-saturated dot. To be sure of which name he meant, I then asked him to circle it (oh, SOOO close yet so far, Sasha and Sharon Turner. :/).

And with that, the WINNER of my Giveaway Part One is: Shannon A.

Congratulations, Shannon A.!!! I will be sending you an email shortly. 

Thanks to everyone who entered and commented on this particular giveaway; I’m DEFINITELY going to be freezing any and everything into ice cubes for a rainy day excavation sometime soon. Great ideas all around. Thanks to everyone who commented!


Giveaway Part Two: 
One-Yard of Samarra’s Timeless Treasures fabric (‘Imagine That’)

Mister Baby Pants lent his random selecting skills to this hone in on the BIG WINNER out of the 258 people who entered to win one juicy yard of my ‘Imagine That’ fabric!

He’s got precise mad skills. Behold…

The names were all put into a fancy box and promptly tossed out seconds after handing it over to our in-house random generator.

Most of the names were then ruthlessly flung onto the floor in handfuls and the few (lucky) remaining pieces of paper were pounded on and quickly scattered about Mister Baby Pants’ highchair tray. This is serious business, people.

Seconds later, our esteemed selector burst into tears while grasping the winning name. I can only assume this was because he was overcome with joy. Others might say it was because he was hot and tired and wanted to go to bed R.I.G.H.T.N.O.W.

And right when things couldn’t get any more peculiar, the name was taste-tested by our host. To make sure it was perfect, of course. You know, just like a sommelier would. Um, and then it was kinda spit out. Er, yes, also just like a sommelier would.

And with that, I present you with the WINNER of Giveaway Part Two: Erica K.

Congratulations, Erica!!! I will be sending you an email shortly. 

Thanks to everyone who entered and commented; I absolutely LOVED hearing your thoughts on hard-to-find fabrics. I’ve started a list and hope to incorporate some of your ideas into my future textile designs. 

So stay tuned for those and happy week ahead!