Recycle, Anyone?

Morning, crafty friends!

I was just over at Sew, Mama, Sew! which was asking about projects made that involved recycled materials. I immediately thought of a little something I had made for The Bub when he was a wee babe and I thought I’d share it just for kicks.

For the record, I do seem to have the tendency to hold on to strange bits and pieces. I suppose I think that between random creative brainstorms and future Halloween costume potential, it just seems right to tuck these things away in my fabric stash.

Or I’m just really good at hoarding.

Nonetheless, a few years back I was inspired by an old pair of jeans I got from my brother. Very soft and in a nice neutral color. And in true SK form, I dreamt up a toy and proceeded to make it. No pattern. No stunt practice material. I just went for it.

Along with some cute Japanese fabric, I went into weird scientist-mode and set my sewing machine to overdrive, plowing back and forth with oodles of thread, bits and bobs.

As you can see from this random leftover wing, I did end up redoing a few things. But hey, it was scrap material to reuse however I wanted, so the idea of it being precious was lifted enough to let creativity soooooaaaarrrrrr!

Ta-daa! And here’s the finished creation. Not too bad, eh? All the main parts were sewn on my machine along with all the crazy embroidery work. I clearly like to work my machine into the ground with the help of the reverse button. Back and forth, over and over in zig-zag heaven. The ultra-suede nose tip and wings were all sewn on by hand.

I have no pattern, so I’m afraid I can’t really tell you how to make it, but considering I was flying blind, this project did end up coming in with a safe landing. Har har har.

Okay, the nose is a little weird but so what. The kids like it, so it’s a keeper!

Have you made something up as you went along and it turned out great? Oh, you can tell me about the disasters too; with the passage of enough time, they’re often hilarious and no longer cry-worthy. What are your favorite materials to reuse and recycle?

I’ve got to make some more toys soon. Got to rummage through my (hoarding) bins again!