“Heartbeat Brooklyn”: 11 Years Old!

Happy 2015!

This year marks 11 years since my two murals went up on 12th Street and 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn.

Up until now, I hadn’t taken my kids to go see them because it wouldn’t really have meant all that much to them, but now that they’re nearly 4 and 6.5 years old, I figured they’d get a kick out of seeing them, so we rang in the new year, albeit on a very overcast day, with a visit to see “Heartbeat Brooklyn.”


The colors have faded a bit over the years but otherwise everything has held up really well, especially for New York standards, where graffiti embellishments are a given. On that note, a big continued thanks to all the taggers out there for leaving them untouched for so long. Much appreciated.

I got the biggest kick out of seeing my two little guys playing around against the backdrop of my giant drawings. We started at the southern side and checked out the smiling Williamsburg Savings Bank Building and the roller coaster-riding bagels. The dancing claw foot bathtub was especially funny to Mister Baby Pants.


We moved over to the west-facing mural where the disappearing Coney Island mermaid and Wonder Wheel-riding hotdogs brought big smiles.


My little kids. My big murals. I often forget how big the darn things are unless there are people standing right next to them.


I asked the boys to pose in front of mama’s murals for some commemorative photos and they oh-so lovingly obliged. What good boys I have…. 

Even with silly faces, it was a great time and thrilled me to pieces; my worlds colliding in the best way, all these 11 years later. Makes mama pleased as punch.

A great way to start the year, I think! Let’s do this 2015 thing, fine people!