Hungry Monster Laundry Bags!

Knee-deep in holiday crazy town? Me too!

Because of that, I know you barely have to time to read another blog post and I barely have time to write another blog post…

So instead, let’s just click through some pretty pictures of a fun project I designed for Spoonflower: Hungry Monster Laundry Bags! 


And after all this holiday stuff dies down and we normalize ourselves once again in January, you just might find yourself longing for some new house-organizing friends to breeze into town and, dear friends, this insatiable crew is the perfect way to kick off the new year.


Plus they come with mini monsters! Hello, dreams.finally.answered. Best friends of 2-0-1-5, here we come!

In the meantime, pace yourself these last days of 2014 and remember to hydrate regularly. I’ve got a lot of crazy, fun things planned for the new year and look forward to sharing ‘em! See you on the flip side!