Homemaker Magazine Feature!

I knew one of my designs was going to be featured in an upcoming issue of the UK’s Homemaker magazine, but I wasn’t really sure how or when.

That’s when I was tipped off by fellow textile designer KristopherK that we’re showcased in Homemaker’s current issue (#12) in the 2014 Spoonflower Calendar!

*cue the impromptu dance party*


So along with Kris and 10 other designers (hiya Holli!, hiya Patty!, hiya Annelie, hiya Virginie! and others I’ll surely know once I flip through an actual copy myself), we bring you 2014 ivy way of bright, festive textile designs.

Lookie, I’m Miss March! Hahaha.


(A huge thank you to lovely Kris for sending in these photos because I have yet to get my dirty paws on a copy for myself! Hint, hint, UK peeps.)

I created “Silly Daffodillies” a few years ago and it’s really nice to see it get some love again after all this time. It’s a sentimental fave of mine.

My mug peeking out from the center of the page is wonderfully hilarious to me:

imageI love seeing the fabric texture printed up too; so pretty!

Here’s the back of the calendar, showing off all the wonderful 2014 designs created by a great group of talented artists that I’m so pleased to be a part of… 


Right then. This makes getting older and ringing in a new year a-okay with me.

It’s not even December yet, but I’m ready for ya, 2014! Come and get me!