Running on Fumes & Scrubby Mitts

Yup, still. Still running on fumes. Isn’t that what they mean when they say, “NOW we’re cookin’ with gas!!!!”? Because I think that’s what they (whoever *they* are) realllllly mean.

Either way, I’m working on various design projects at the moment….a business card here….a company holiday card there….a logo design, a collateral brochure, a stack of textile design concepts over here….you get the idea.

But with all that, I like to take a break by way of working on something else. Oh sure, my breaks sometimes involve eating lunch or actually sitting still for a few moments, but otherwise I’m always up to something.

The other day I got this pristine-condition towel at the thrift store. I don’t typically find myself buying towels at thrift stores, in fact I never have before, but I just liked these illustrations too much to resist. I also don’t like earth tones or this particular folk style per se, but again, the illustrations were too cute to pass up and I thought I could do something fun with it.

Why not leave it the way it is, you ask? I don’t know why, but I’m just not keen on the brown border or the vanilla sky blob in the center of the towel; it’s just not my favorite layout, shall we say. Plus, with a family of four, I’d prefer to morph this bad boy into some sort of even numbers that can then be paired up with solid color towels to make a custom set for the fam.


I  decided to make some straight-forward facecloths and trimmed them with some awesome vintage bias binding I got at a yard sale sometime last year. I love the colors together and the twinkle of the binding’s pearly finish.


Then I made these fun scrubby tubby bath mitts. Figured the kids would enjoy them or at least find them novel enough for one bathtub dip. And they could be a sweet ploy to make them drop their tub toys and attempt to clean themselves for longer than five seconds. I like to dream big.


Voila! Two quickly sewn scrubby tubby bath mitts finished with some ribbon trim I found in my scraps…and done!

I didn’t bother with any thumbholes business. Hey, it’s not like I’m all “Down with Thumbs!”; I just think thumbs need to earn their keep and get scrubbing like the rest of their digit friends.


Thus concludes this project-between-projects interlude. Easy peasy, Lamont and Weezie!

Maybe during my next break I’ll do something earth-shattering like have lunch AT lunchtime!