How to Help Houston: The Situation is Pants

I’ve been thinking a lot about best ways to help Houston after Hurricane Harvey and I’ve settled on two very specific and direct places that will make a big impact for a LOT of people…


They are:

Texas Diaper Bank provides emergency diaper kits for babies, senior citizens and people with disabilities. Relief agencies do not provide diapers in times of crisis, so helping fund organizations that do is crucial in my book. Also, I figure it’s only a matter of time before I’m in diapers again anyway, so let’s show some love now! You can make a donation online here.

Undies for Everyone normally collects and distributes clean underwear to students in both Houston and Dallas. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, they’ve released a statement stating “Many of you asked how you can help Houstonians in need. Undies for Everyone is preparing for the long-haul. Once displaced Houstonians have found housing, and children are back in school, Undies for Everyone will be prepared to fill the pipeline and get them re-started with their lives.” You can help fulfill their Amazon wishlist here and you can donate money here; as they can buy underwear for less than wholesale, so your dollar goes even further with this method.


Fancy Pants Bonus: To help inspire people to donate, here’s the little bonus I’m offering for the entire month of September, once you follow these steps:

1. Donate to either or both of these crucial organizations that deliver the most basic of items to people and help maintain their dignity and hope as they rebuild from the hurricane. 

2. Email me proof of your donation (i.e. screen shot of your receipt; I don’t need to see all your personal information, so you can scratch that out. I just want to know which organization you donated, what date you donated on and how much you gave. Note: The subject line of your email must read “I Donated Because Everybody Needs Underpants” because I need consistent underpants emails in my life that are easily searchable, thanks. #underpants

3. Once I see proof of your generous donation, I will snail mail you a piece of artwork –specifically a portrait of a pair of underpants– made especially for you. No, they will not fit you. In fact they will be no bigger than 2″ square and will likely be teeny hand-drawn renditions of underpants that I find amusing*. If you go hog wild and donate a fancy amount** to either or both organizations, I will likely send you an equally fancy pair of, you guessed it, beaded underpants. Because BEADED UNDERPANTS. 

See reference photo above and then get your damn credit cards out and throw money at diapers and underwear because hot dammit, folks need ‘em!!!!!!

The goal here is to help people in dire need and to also give me a perfect excuse to draw pairs of underwear over and over and over again, all at the same time… 

…so, let’s DO this Underpants Party!!!!!!!

Fancy Pants Bonus artwork offer expires September 30th. Suggestion to help out your fellow humans expires never. 🙂


*As they say to a room full of kindergarteners, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.” Your underpants will be mailed to you from my studio to keep, frame, put in the laundry to see if they survive an extra rinse cycle, whatever you see fit.

**I dunno. You show me what fancy looks like…