Awkward Animal Portraits Series: September Releases

WOOHOO! It’s September 1st which means two more critters were officially released into the wild today to celebrate our ongoing Awkward Animal Portraits quilt pattern series.

Who are September’s creatures, you ask? Behold:

ALLIGATOR: Officially the 3rd in the world-renowned Awkward Animal Portraits (AAP) series, and for the love of all things marinated in freshwater (and sometimes brackish water, because options), please don’t confuse ALLIGATOR for that other salty character. You are where you live, after all. Alligator is quite timid around humans and believes that smiling incessantly will quell all fears. Fun fact: it’s copious amounts of algae in the water that make Alligator green (tannic acid from overhanging trees makes them darker) but that’s not stopping a certain someone from trying to sneak out of view here. We still see you, you gosh darn adorable Alligator, you!
Finished quilt size: 36” x 36”. PDF pattern available here.

FROG: It’s time for our 4th critter in the Awkward Animal Portraits (AAP) series, so cue the lily pads and tasty insect hors d’oeuvres because it’s about FROG!!!
Heard around the world, espousing sage words like “cra cra” (Italian), “op op” (Thai), “ribbit” (English), ”vrak” (Turkish) and “kerokero” (Japanese), Frog is nothing if not radiant, at times judgy, uncompromising, sometimes baffled and in other moments, mildly disgusted. We know Frog populations have significantly declined since the 1950s and one-third of species are threatened with extinction. We don’t like that one (rib)bit, so we are here to celebrate the wonderment of FROG!
Finished quilt size: 42” x 42”. Instant downloadable PDF pattern available here.


Be sure to check back at the beginning of each month to see what Jessee and I have in store for you next!