Let’s Party! (and who’s Ingrid, anyway?)

Why, hello there! I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays to the fullest.

On this New Year’s Eve Eve, I thought I’d post something random, quirky, fun, festive and full of colorful surprise…many of the same exciting qualities the new year is sure to bring with it, right? Are you listening, 2013, because I’m lookin’ at you!

Now on to the topic at hand…

My fellow mom buddy, Lulu Wibble (hello awesome pseudonym), was on a family road trip not too long ago when she stopped in at one of her favorite thrift stores. A woman after my own heart. 

And what did she do? She spied something that she just KNEW I’d love. And on the off-chance I didn’t, she’d surely find a home for it…


Because you just don’t leave something like this behind. And surely not for a whopping $3.50. Oh no, not unless you’re completely mad.

So Lulu brought this bad boy back home for me and I was totally gobsmacked with curious excitement when I saw it. I’d NEVER laid eyes on one of these before. Have you?

Know what it is?


Why yes, it IS an Ingrid Party Ball!!!!  Good answer, you!

Or maybe you thought “Picnic Set: Plastic cups, plates and saucers” since that’s what the label says.

Let’s look inside, shall we?


Removing the white carrying strap and top dome (which is actually a large bowl) reveals, ta-daa, 6 salad plates, 6 dessert/soup bowls and 6 dinner plates.

But that’s not all, folks…


All those plates sit on a divider which is actually a serving tray. Removing that reveals matching drinking cups (I’m missing the white one, but so what) that are resting in the lower part of the ball which serves as, surprise, another large bowl! (See the pink $5 sticker in the back big bowl? And to think this deluxe sphere of festivity was marked down from an ungodly $5 starting price.)

I’m a freak for a modern vintage find and a well-priced one at that. But honestly, add to this mix an item that’s full of dual purpose and compactness and bright colors and well, you had me at PARTY BALL!!

This sweet set will live in that camper van of my dreams. Count on it, because along with my treehouse studio, this W-I-L-L happen.

A huge gleeful thanks to Lulu for such an awesome, thoughtful and super cool gift. And thank you, Ingrid. I totally scored!

And with that, I wish YOU a very happy 2013!!! See you next year!