Nautilus Show You Something Fun…

Feast your eyes on this vision:

That’s right folks. Welcome to the deep end of culinary madness. Please have a seat. Stay a while.

Some of you may have already been introduced, but to be sure, let’s have a drumroll for the latest addition to the “The Chefalopod!: Culinary Companion Collection”:

*darrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuummmmmmmm ting!*

Presenting: Nautilus and Nautilus Jr.!

Now you want at least one for yourself, don’t you?  I mean, you do know they have magical powers that allow you to never burn a cooking pot or absentmindedly substitute salt for sugar, right?

They will save your gastronomic reputation and even whisper sweet coaching points into your ear while you master the art of toasting toast. It’s hard thing, they know. And they’re here to help.

Well, good people, here’s how you can make a shell-ebrity or two for yourself like I did over the weekend…

I ordered the one-yard kit from Spoonflower. I chose the Kona cotton, which I think is the perfect weight for this project. The instructions are printed on the kit, so it’s not crucial to follow what I did here, but it may help you visualize the process.

I cut all the parts out for both hats. This really is such a really easy pattern. Only two parts per hat. Yay for simplicity!

I then hemmed and sewed the small back notch in both of the shell pieces. Next, the headbands were folded in half and ironed; then the short ends were hemmed inside-out and flipped back right-side-out. 

Now this part will take some finesse. Starting at one edge of the shell notch, you’ll start to line up the headband, slowly working your way around the crown, pleating and pinning the fabric evenly as you go, until you reach the other side of the notch.

If it’s uneven, start over. I had to adjust mine a few times. Now sew a straight line all the way around this raw edge. I opted to finished this off nicely with some nice bias binding.

The last steps are to flip the entire hat right-side-out again and sew velcro closures at either end of the headband in the back for a secure fit.

Finished. Done. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new culinary cohort.

Be sure to make faces. Because this hat will cause you to make faces. Just look at the effects it has on The Bub.

In fact, the entire collection will cause you to make faces and act wacky. Just look at my friend, Lauren, wearing her Squid L’Oven Mitt.

See? Faces. And wackiness.

Oh, need further proof?

How about this great customer photo of a happy new Chefalopod apron owner…

My point? The Chefalopods make people crazy.

H.a.p.p.y. C.r.a.z.y!!

So please, ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a round of applause and kindly welcome Nautilus and Nautilus Jr. to the family!