The 4 x 6 Exchange: The Circle is Complete

You may remember this post a little while back of my contribution to the Art House Co-Op’s 4 x 6 Exchange Project. 

Well, a few days ago, I received my special piece of exchanged artwork in the mail. Not knowing at all what was inside, I was very excited at this little envelope. Aside from a tiny crumple en route, it arrived in great shape.

A beautiful little snow scene just for me! And so delicately drawn in color pencils. How cute are the snowman and butterfly, I ask you? You can’t quite see them, but the tiny stars/snow in the sky are so finely and meticulously drawn too. Adorable.

And to add to the mystery exchange, no additional information was in the envelope or on the back of the drawing, aside from the artist’s loopy cursive signature, rendered in black and red pencil. 

Thank you, Danielle P.!

Update (05/14/12):

After I posted this, I got a lovely surprise…

September Kuromi, all the way from Kamloops, BC, wrote to me saying she was the recipient of my contribution to the 4 x 6 Exchange.

Know what’s even better? She sent a photo of my card in its new home.

On the fridge surrounded by prized family photos. What. An. Honor! Thank you so much for writing me and sending in the photo, September!

And for everyone else, go check out September’s blog post about the exchange here and also be sure to admire the beautiful equine artwork she creates as well!