Off to see a Genius

I upgraded my laptop not too long ago and it hasn’t been holding a charge recently. Now, this is really not riveting information at all, except for the fact that computer problems f.r.e.a.k. m.e. o.u.t.

Like the waving-of-hands-hysterically-in-the-air kind while exclaiming, ‘SOMETHINGISWRONG! SOMETHINGISWRONG!! DANGERWILLROBINSON!!!“

Truly. I flip out more at a computer malfunction (I dare not mention user malfunction) more than any unwanted bug in the house (except a cockroach; sorry guys, but I have zero tolerance for you).

Hands up paired with giant exclamations (sailor-style, if the kids are not around) are par for the course. Luckily, I have my own personal in-house IT dude (hello, sweet husband!) who fixes most of my problems while calming me enough to step down off my invisible freakout ledge.

But when this latest problem occurred, he told me to go to the Genius Bar. I haven’t been to any bar recently, let alone the Genius Bar and having Mister Baby Pants in tow, I hoped it would go smoothly. 

I like to procrastinate with just about anything that’s not fun, but my computer not holding a charge was going to be the death of many things in that category, so I sucked it up, put on my raincoat, strapped Mister Baby Pants to me and hauled my 17”-inch key to the universe out into the rainy morning to see a Genius.

And, hey, it was a good excuse to go to Grand Central Station. I hate the crowds but boy, do I love the history and majesty of that place.

One of my favorite things is the giant clock that sits grand and central in Grand Central (couldn’t resist). Did you know its four-sided face is made of precious opal?  

I’ve known that gem of knowledge (oh yes, resistance is futile) for many, many years but I did not know all these other fun, uncommonly known facts about this wonderfully magical building.

I had also never been to this particular Apple store before so it was entertaining to take a look around. I love the cool play between old and new in one open-air setting.

We found the bar and had a seat. Mister Baby Pants took in a quick iPhone 5 tutorial while we and our laptop waited to be seen.

Our lovely Genius arrived two minutes before my scheduled appointment. He never even opened my laptop (thank goodness, because I do tend to keep my desktop looking like a wild hot mess <—So what, I’ll get to organizing it. Eventually. Not.).

He flipped it over and then surfed around on his magical Genius iPad.

The verdict? My flippin’ charger cable was a lemon. That’s it? Really? All I need is a new one? And you can just switch it out for me now?

Mister Baby Pants double-checked the cable to be sure.

That was it. Done and done. In less than 10 minutes (which was good, because *somebody* was was down to his last 2 minutes of patience). 

And back home we went, enjoying the rainy train ride along the way.

Next stop, MORE DESIGN WORK! Muahahaha. Oh, and stand clear of the closing doors. 🙂