A Little of the Other Stuff I Do

So, along with textile design and whatever projects that leads to, another of the many balls I juggle is often flying through the air but I don’t often post about it. Mainly because I’m too busy doing it. That ball is my ‘other’ or ‘main’ or ‘regular’ or ‘whatever you want to call it’ graphic design work.

Like what? Oh, you know, the stuff you see every day, direct mail pieces in your post box that keep your bills warm as they wait for you to come home and check the mail. Catalog work, advertising, brochures, business cards, brand identity (company logos and whatnot).

I love the variety of these jobs that come across my desk because they keep my brain nimble. It’s fun and falls right in with the puzzle and problem solving which seem to be two themes I love tackling with any assignment, no matter the vehicle (that’s design-speak for whatever the end product is).

I should probably post more of these projects so you can get a better feel of the other stuff I do.

Case in point, here’s a logo I recently created for a brand new grassroots campaign in my city to tackle the issue of private companies chewing up very rare public green space and spitting out more corporate money-making privatized machines. In a nutshell.

If you live in NYC, or in Queens, or anywhere nearby, there’s an emergency meeting tonight on the issue and your presence and support is greatly encouraged! Find out more about it here.

Oh, and that Jackson Heights Green Alliance logo (on the upper right of the pdf link above) is mine too. 🙂 Makes me very proud to contribute to my community.

So come out to the meeting and help save our green space! Oh, and happy Monday!