Revamp Job: Padded Seat Belt Covers

I went through a pile of baby stuff the other day and came across some seat belt covers that I had gotten a couple years back in a bundle of awesome hand-me-down loot from a relative. I had never used the seat belt covers. There had really been no need what with car seats that already come equipped with their own belt padding.


I also wasn’t the biggest fan of the pattern; I seem to be allergic to pastels for the most part, so these guys sat unused for a long, long time.

After receiving a new Clover seam ripper this past Christmas, it occurred to me this would be the perfect opportunity for a quick revamping job while giving my tool its first spin around the proverbial block. 

So one morning, when Mister Baby Pants decided to get up for the day at a glorious 4:50am, I sat in the kitchen with him, waiting for the sun to rise and the water to boil for some coffee. I might also have been crabbily mumbling to myself about how much I love sleep.

Anyway, I looked over at the pads and seam ripper that were randomly sitting on the end of the table and thought, this is a nice early morning activity. So I sat quietly ripping the velcro squares away from the pads while my personal in-house rooster gleefully ate a waffle across from me.

Btw, this is why some of these photos look crummy…too early for lovely daylight to help beautify the scene.


I opted to not take the pads completely apart, but rather do a quick hack job by only removing the outer velcro squares and covering the pads with some fun scrap pieces of fabric that I thought would look fun in the car and wear better because of the darker tone.

I also dug out that awesome seam binding I had scored at a yard sale last summer. That purchase has been SO worth it with the amount of times I’ve used it recently.


And here are the finished seat belt pads. A bit messy, but hey, it was a mere 6:15am by the time I was done (in between breakfast service that is).  

Who on earth sews at THAT early hour? Me, I guess.


Finally in situ in the back seats of the car, the seat belt pads get a blurry thumbs up from The Bub.

Not bad for refreshing something I saw no prior need for and for finishing them at about the same time the sun decided to wake up for the day.