Road Trip America!

I went completely overboard on a recent design. The task? Illustrating the theme of of “Highways and Byways”.

My solution was to research and depict at least one roadside attraction or monument for each state in the contiguous USA. 

And that slowly ballooned into a giant task.

I was off and running with my research and I’ll be honest, I now want to hop in a car and go visit each one of these places!

It all culminated in the Feel-Good Field Guide to Roadside America. The design turned out so epic that I’ve posted some detail pictures here, especially because I was proud of myself for getting the essence of both Elvis and Abe LIncoln in one drawing session. 




Barring the parameters inherent with a repeat, the design is laid out geographically (give or take) from left to right (west coast to east coast), starting around where the compass is. Working our way slowly cross-country, here are just a few fascinating sights not to be missed:

In my epic quest to hunt down the most intriguing sites, I completely forgot to represent a couple of states (and to you, I’m sorry and I swear I’ll add you in after I’ve caught up on sleep). Also, somehow I managed to have two entries for a few states. I couldn’t resist.

I’m a total sucker for crazy oversized buildings that look like whatever (current favorites are that giant picnic basket and the Big Duck), so I could research and draw those til the cows some home. You know, the World’s Most Famous Super Giant Oversized Cows, that is!

I’m sorry to Lucy the Elephant (Margate, NJ) that, although I’ve been to see you in person TWICE, I completely forgot to include you. Gah! 

Some adjustments are needed to add sites, but this is a pretty good overview of the fun things you can find across America. 

So get in a car, fuel up (sure, the car too) and get sightseeing, folks!